Hot Rolling Mill Flat

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Slab Reheat Furnace

  • Detection
  • Positionning
  • Tracking
  • Length / Width measurement

Typical applications in slab reheat furnace include detection, positioning and measurement of slabs on the charging table. DELTA sensors are able to work even on the very rough surface of slabs and to survive to the vibration and the heat especially in case of hot charging. DELTA has also developed some unique sensors for detection of slabs inside reheat furnace.


Transfer table

  • Slab Length – Width – Thickness measurement on a transfer table with a combination of Laser Sensors Trilas TL and Velas DL.
  • Slab Length – Width measurement using 4 Laser Sensors Dilas FT.







  • Slab detection on the transfer table and in front of with Optical Barrier VFT1 or Laser Barrier V5.
  • Slab detection and width confirmation when pushing the slab with high power Optical Barrier VE/VR.
  • Slab accurate positioning with Laser Sensors Dilas FT before pushing the slab inside the furnace.




  • Slab detection inside reheat furnace with high power Laser Barrier VLP21/VRH.
  • Slab detection and position control with Laser Sensor Dilas FT4200 installed on the side or in front of the reheat furnace.
  • Slab detection on the discharging table with scanning HMD Rota-Sonde DC.


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