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Test Bench
Test Bench

  • for Scanning HMD Rota-Sonde DC
  • for Static HMD Stato-Sonde Z
  • for Scanning Infrared Loop Scanner Rota-Sonde TS


The test bench is designed for easy maintenance and testing of DELTA hot metal detectors and infrared loop scanners.

It is useful to:

  • check the detection and measurement functions,
  • control the outputs,
  • test the sensitivity selection and threshold setup,
  • make some maintenance on the different sensors.

For the loop scanner, it can also help the user to make calibration of the sensor after replacement of a motor or main electronic board.

On the back of sensor, some switch allows to parameter the power supply deliver to the sensor, so sensors with different power supply can be tested on the same bench.



The test bench includes:

  • a mounting support to secure the sensor in its operating position
  • an infrared light source with adjustable intensity, position on an arm with adjustable position
  • an ampere-meter to monitor the infrared light source current from the photcell
  • a cable with a plug to connect the different sensors
  • test points for the various outputs for connection of test equipment (multimeter or oscilloscope)
  • indicator lamps for checking static outputs, relay outputs.

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