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Battery powered Portable Radiant Bar

  • Handheld and Autonomous
  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Simulation of hot product


radiant bar steel industry for hot metal detector

The Radiant Bar BR4000 is a portable infrared source that can be used to simulate the presence of hot product.
The Lithium-ion battery make it autonomous, up to 1 hour in continuous. No cord and plug.
The potentiometer allows simulation of different level of infrared signal to simulate different product’s temperature.
The front panel display gives the current level of battery.
A protection by fuse is designed on one side (please insert fuse before the first use, and remove fuse before any transportation).


Placed on the roll table, the Radiant Bar BR4000 enables to test, precisely align and setup the sensors and to determine the boundaries of their field of view. It’s useful with Hot Metal Detector (HMD type Rota -Sonde DC or Stato-Sonde Z) or Infrared Loop Scanner (type Rota-Sonde TS).

Technical characteristics


One charger is included in the delivery of the BR4000. Please select the type of plug, see reference for order.
Delivery: maximum 2 units per shipment.

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