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Bloom - Billet Reheat Furnace

  • Length measurement
  • Skew control
  • Positionning

The charging operation is critical. It is important before moving the billet or bloom into the furnace to know the length and the position of the head and tail in order to avoid any damage.
On the discharging side, it is also important to detect the product and to know its position and eventually the skew.


Length measurement

  • Billet length measurement with two
    Laser Sensors Dilas FT.





  • The billet detection is made using Laser
    Barrier V5 or Optical Barrier V3.
  • A Laser Sensor Dilas FT is used for positioning of the billet and in combination with a Laser
    Barrier V5 for length measurement.




  • Detection of bloom or billet inside reheat
    furnace with high power Laser Barrier
  • Measurement of the position and skew
    of the billet or bloom with Laser Sensors
    Dilas FT4200.


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