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Laser Distance Meter for extreme conditions
Dilas FT4200

  • Measurement up to 500 m, on product up to 1350 °C
  • Fast sampling time
  • Profibus-DP communication protocol
  • Design for steel industry conditions

Features and benefits

The Dilas FT4200 is a digital, high performance, non-contact laser measurement sensor.
The target may be hot or cold, stationary or moving. Dilas FT4200 measures on all non-shiny surfaces.

  • Measurement range up to 500 m directly on the target
  • Measurement on hot products up to 1350 °C
  • High power infrared laser
  • Fast sampling time
  • Accuracy: ± 20 mm
  • Laser pointer (class 2M)
  • Sensor configuration with PC software
  • Autonomous sensor: ready to use, no calibration required
  • Water cooling and air purging for the steel industry

The Dilas FT4200 can be easily configured for optimal measurement depending on the application. A configuration software running under Windows operating system is used to quickly and easily view the readings and the status of the sensor, and a graphical user interface makes it simple to setup the sensor. The sensor has a RS232C configuration port at the back of the sensor (M12 connector) and each sensor is delivered with cable including a 9 points sub D connector for direct connection to a PC.

Typical applications

Position - Length measurement of a slab or bloom
Position control - discharging of reheat furnace
Detection of slabs (2 rows) and position control - discharging of reheat furnace


The Dilas FT4200 is an autonomous sensor mounted in cast aluminium housing. A hood for protecting the window glass is fitted with an air-jet facility to blow a vertical air curtain in front of this glass. The case is mounted on a cooling plate including a stainless steel pipe and fixed to a mounting stand, adjustable in two axes. The electrical connection is made via a connector. The sensor is delivered already equipped with the corresponding plug with silicone-armoured cable (2 m standard length).

A RS232 connector is available at the rear of the sensor to connect a PC for configuration of the sensor.

Operating principle

The operation of the Dilas FT4200 is based on time of flight measurement. The sensor calculates the distance of the target surface using the time of flight of infrared laser pulses.


The Dilas FT4200 delivers analog output 4-20 mA and operator needs to select before order between with 2 choices of communication protocol: serial link RS485 or Profibus-DP.



• USB to RS232 interface, reference 7935577
• Heat shield (Kit with mounting screws) to protect from direct radiation (ref. 7593258).

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