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Static Hot Metal Detector with Fibre Optics and Smart Control unit
Stato-Sonde Z66

  • Smart display for easy setup
  • High temperature optic
  • Metallic sheath to protect the fibre
  • Stainless steel components

Presentation and operating principle

The Stato-Sonde Z66, a Hot Metal Detector with 2 sensitivity ranges, can detect material at temperatures over 300 °C.
Thanks to its optical fibre, it is able to detect products even in areas with high ambient temperature or in difficult areas due to physical obstructions, limited space, steam etc... Its rugged design enables the Stato-Sonde Z66 to withstand the very severe environmental conditions of the steel industry or rolling mills or continuous casting machines.
The infrared radiation emitted by the hot product is collected by the optic, transmitted through the optical fibre and sent to the photosensitive element. The signal is processed by the electronic circuit which outputs the detection signal.



The Stato-Sonde Z66 is composed of three major elements:

Sensor head:

  • 3 different detection angles: 4° or 12° or Spot 10 mm at 0.5 m (very small precise detection point).
  • standard optic type N or optic with water cooling type C or optic with water cooling and air purging and additional hood/glass type CA.

Optical fibre:

  • Fibre optic bundle with flexible stainless steel protection, length from 2 to 25 m
  • Available with additional protective sheath. Air can be supplied at the electronic unit. The air flow through the sheath and optics keeps the optical fibre and lens assembly at lower temperature.

Electronic Sensor Control Unit:


  • 2 sensitivity range (Normal & High) with adjustment potentiometer for each.
  • Smart display with multicolour LED indicator (Product Presence, low detection margin, alarm), bargraph for level of signal, threshold setup.
  • Multiple output selection / configuration delay.
  • 2 inputs: Sensitivity range selection and Test function.


Detection field



  • Battery powered radiant Bar BR4000

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