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The Reflector R reflects a luminous ray back towards the source which emitted it. It thus allows the creation of a reflecting optical barrier with V3 or V5 optical barriers.




DELTA offers a wide range of reflectors to meet the different application requirements :

  • Ambient temperature as high as 400 °C / 750 °F with water cooling and 250 °C / 480 °F without water cooling.
  • Designed for harsh environments.
  • Air-purging to keep dust clear from the reflectors.


A prism reflector reflects light back along the same axis as the emitting light, independent of the angle of emission. The angle of emission must not, however, exceed 15°.


Ambient temperature

The maximum allowable temperature depends on the type of prism. The attachment of a water cooled base allows for use in higher ambient temperatures.
Warning : A plastic multi-prism reflector may be deformed by intense infrared radiation, even at low ambient temperatures. It is therefore advisable not to place a plastic reflector in close proximity to a strong IR source (e.g. hot product, furnace).

Mechanical construction

The reflectors R are mounted on a metal base with either :


  • a visor and protective window (R110, R110 HT, R110 HTF)¨
  • a protective hood with air purging to avoid dust deposit or steam interference (R110 A, R110 HTA, R110 HTAF,R430 HTA, R430 HTAF).

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