DELTA, founded in 1954, has a global presence with headquarters in France near Strasbourg and subsidiaries:

and numerous agent around the world.

Research & Development investment are very important in DELTA: over 20% of the staff maintain and develop the product line. DELTA development teams, including electronic, mechanical and software engineers, are part of an international network with close contact with customers.

DELTA production team is highly qualified, and follows strict processes to insure the highest level of quality and long term support of our sensors. Some of DELTA products, which are installed in very difficult environmental conditions, are still in use after more than 30 years with indefectible support from DELTA.



  • Head office founded in 1954
  • First subsidiary is founded in Germany in 1972
  • Subsidiary in USA founded in 1993
  • Subsidiary in Russia founded in 2001
  • Subsidiary in China founded in 2004
  • Subsidiary in India founded in 2007
  • Acquisition of Polycaptil (Besançon - France) in 2008 (Electronics – Mechatronics)
  • Acquisition of FCE (Guyans-Vennes - France) in 2011 (reinforcement of the Electronics – Mechatronics division)
  • Acquisition of OPALES (Lons le Saunier - France) in 2013 (Machine Vision)



DELTA Group: an association of expertise and know-how


The group DELTA consists of following companies: 

- DELTA: optoelectronic sensors and measuring systems for extreme environments

- POLYCAPTIL-FCE: design and manufacturing of electronics, optoelectronics and mechatronics products

- OPALES: industrial machine vision, camera inspection systems





POLYCAPTIL - FCE: Electronics – Mechatronics division



Polycaptil: Turnkey product development, prototyping, manufacturing.  Founded in 1991, it is situated in Besançon, in the heart of the Micro-technology technological centre. With its experienced and multi-speciality team, Polycaptil offers its renowned savoir-faire to assist with the manufacture of innovative solutions using electronics, optical and micro-mechanical engineering.


FCE: High quality electronic board production targeting medical equipment. Founded in 1991, it is situated close to Besançon, on the “Micro technology road” between Switzerland and France. FCE is a manufacturer of electronic boards with experience going back many years, and renowned savoir-faire in the high tech field. It has a flexible industrial organisation with high performance flexible production and test equipment for achieving zero defects. Its production team reacts quickly and is dedicated to the customer's satisfaction.



OPALES: Machine Vision division



OPALES is an industry leader in machine vision solutions for production line with the highest quality requirements. It’s a COGNEX Corporation Partner System Integrator (PSI), the world leader in industrial machine vision technology. OPALES has built a strong reputation as a leading supplier of machine vision, automation and software solutions to the industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronic industry. Its expertise in vision software, optics, lighting and automation permits to deliver a complete inspection system.

The synergy between OPALES and DELTA for Vision systems in steel industry will lead to new solutions for applications in Continuous Casting, Hot and Cold Rolling Mill.





The core technologies used at DELTA include: infrared scanning (Rota-Sonde) for detection and position control of hot products, laser triangulation (Trilas TL) and laser time of flight (Dilas FT) for distance and dimensions measurement, stereoscopic vision (DigiScan) for width gauge and image processing (CropVision) for crop optimization.

These technologies are optimized for the extreme conditions of the metal industry and particularly for non-contact detection and measurement of products at very high temperature.


Accuracy and Reliability

DELTA has invested years of experience creating reliable and accurate sensors that stand the toughest conditions created by modern steel production. The scanning infrared and laser sensors from DELTA are the reference in the metal industry for detection, positioning of the edges and dimension measurement of product at very high speed and at temperature from cold to 1300 °C.

Each sensor consists of waterproof cast aluminium body and electronics that exceed most stringent specifications. Many sensors utilize self diagnostics with tests and alarms that insure proper operation and provide the necessary inputs essential in modern processing.



DELTA is committed to deliver the highest quality and the most reliable sensors. The strictest quality standards are applied to the design and manufacturing of every DELTA product.

DELTA S.A.S. is certified ISO 9001:2015 N° 1995/4590.7 since 1995 by Afnor certification.

DELTA has been setting the standards for hot metal detectors, optical barriers and measurement sensors in rolling mill and continuous caster. Accuracy and reliability are the key for steel mill automation.

Following this quality process, DELTA is interested in getting your feedback, claim or idea about its products quality. For this purpose, you have 2 possibilities: