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Photodiode Array Detector
DR3000 / EMR-C

  • Detection of small section product
  • Detection regardless of the transverse position
  • Design for extremely harsh environment

Typical applications


The Detector DR3000 is a linear photodiode array detector.


In association with the EMR-C LED emitter, it is able to detect product with small section in a wide field, whatever the transverse position of this product.

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Detection of small bars on a wide table

Detection of head / tail



The Detector DR3000 consists of a lens, a linear diode array and a processing unit enclosed in a cast aluminium case. The image of the viewed area is focused onto the diode array. The output of the Detector DR3000 switches when a product is within the field of view.



The Detector DR3000 has been designed for heavy industry, with :

  • Adjustable mounting stand (2 axis). In case the sensor must be replaced, it can be easily dismounted from the stand, without disturbing the alignment.
  • Protective hood
  • Control panel behind a hinged cover, including :¨¨
    • Control LED (P.P.); On when a product is detected.
    • Saturation LED (Sat); On when the diode array is saturated.
    • Exposure-time switch (tm, t, at); sets the exposure time. The exposure time is chosen to avoid saturation of the array. The position "at" (automatic) of the switch allows on some models an automatic control of the exposure time in relation to the level of illumination on the array.
    • Sensitivity potentiometer (sens).
    • Jack socket carrying the diode array signal for display on an oscilloscope (Vid).

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